Getting to Know MoJo
Molly C. Johnson
The MoJo Law Office
    Molly grew up on a dairy farm in southeast Indiana. Her father, a dairy farmer, instilled, fostered and capitalized on an almost pathological work ethic in his youngest daughter.  Her senior year of high school, Molly was named both Fayette County Fair Queen and Miss Congeniality, a rare dual title that continues to amuse those who know Molly.  

    Leaving her country home, Molly headed to the booming metropolis of West Lafayette, Indiana, to attend Purdue University and pursue her (and her father's) childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian. A few months (and chemistry and genetics classes) later, Molly discovered her deep- and heretofore unknown- love of liberal arts, changing majors to the more manageable communications, psychology and philosophy. 

    Heeding her father's warnings of a waning job market for coherent philosophers, Molly discovered another latent and sudden desire to attend law school.  She attended Loyola University School of Law in Chicago, focusing on complex international corporate litigation which included a stint studying law in Rome, Italy.  

    Molly represents both companies and individuals in an array of matters. 

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